ICW4 - Week 2 Matches
Date: 21.07.2014 - 16:14
Author: Anyder

ICW4 Week 2 Matches

· BOB vs FC/UEF - Nar Shaddaa - BOB is Republic / FC/UEF is CSI - US Host - 8:00pm Berlin time
· YAK vs GRC - Platforms - YAK is Rebels / GRC is Empire - US Host - 9:00pm Berlin time
· BOB vs FC/UEF - Italia - BOB is Empire / FC/UEF is Rebels- US Host - 10:00pm Berlin time
· YAK vs FC/UEF - Jabba's Palace - YAK is Republic / FC/UEF is CSI - US Host - 11:00pm Berlin time
· YAK vs FC/UEF- Mos Eisley - YAK is Rebels / FC/UEF is Empire - US Host - 12:00am Berlin time (Saturday night)
· GRC vs BOB - Mustafar - BOB is CSI/GRC is REpublic - US Host - 1:00am Berlin time (Saturday night)
· YAK vs FC/UEF - Corus Streets - UEF/FC is Empire / YAKis Rebels- US Host - 2:00am Berlin time (Saturday night)

· YAK vs GRC - Cloudy City - GRC is Republic/GRC is CSI - US Host - 1:00am Berlin time (Sunday night)

Remember that you have to follow the rules and to use the clan tag in the server, otherwise you will get banned

Clan fights are in bold

EDIT: ALL matches won.

If you don't have the map pack or nick changer yet, head back to Week 1 news


Germany Anyder - SWBF1 Co-Leader

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