clanwar details

StarWars Battlefront II vs Enten / Entenclan
12 : 0
league: Normal FW [matchlink]

maps: Mustafar, Utapau, Mustafar, Utapau

squad: StarWars Battlefront II

{U.E.F} team: ACE, Anyder, swawy, bl1nnk

Team: Enten / Entenclan
Enten team: Jumper, Chilli, Dymon & Reloaded.
12 : 0

StarWars Battlefront II

Enten team
Jumper, Chilli, Dymon & Reloaded.

map result
Mustafar StarWars Battlefront II 3

Enten / Entenclan 0
Utapau StarWars Battlefront II 3

Enten / Entenclan 0
Mustafar StarWars Battlefront II 3

Enten / Entenclan 0
Utapau StarWars Battlefront II 3

Enten / Entenclan 0

hltv server: screenshots:
#1 Screenshot#2 Screenshot
#3 Screenshot#4 Screenshot

4on4 Funwar
Played Maps: Mustafar CW & Tantive 4 GCW
Gameplay mode: CTF


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