clanwar details

StarWars Battlefront I vs (212) / (212th)
327 : 0
league: Normal Funwar [matchlink]

maps: Coruscant, Mustafar

squad: StarWars Battlefront I

{U.E.F} team: Anyder, ill_jets, klaosito, Arct1c

Team: (212) / (212th)
(212) team: (212)Klexmer, (212)Chilli, (212)Dirty Harry, (212)Mike
327 : 0

StarWars Battlefront I

(212) team
(212)Klexmer, (212)Chilli, (212)Dirty Harry, (212)Mike

map result
Coruscant StarWars Battlefront I 142

(212) / (212th) 0
Mustafar StarWars Battlefront I 185

(212) / (212th) 0

hltv server: screenshots:
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