clanwar details

StarWars Battlefront I vs Bw + BOB / Mixed Team
128 : 0
league: Funwar [matchlink]

maps: Mos Eisley, Mos Eisley, Mos Eisley, Mos Eisley

squad: StarWars Battlefront I

{U.E.F} team: Anyder, nYZ

Team: Bw + BOB / Mixed Team
Bw + BOB team: BOB.Astro & Bw.Nexon
128 : 0

StarWars Battlefront I

Bw + BOB team
BOB.Astro & Bw.Nexon

map result
Mos Eisley StarWars Battlefront I 34

Bw + BOB / Mixed Team 0
Mos Eisley StarWars Battlefront I 33

Bw + BOB / Mixed Team 0
Mos Eisley StarWars Battlefront I 31

Bw + BOB / Mixed Team 0
Mos Eisley StarWars Battlefront I 30

Bw + BOB / Mixed Team 0

hltv server: screenshots:

After a long while, we finally had a SWBF1 Match.
It was a 2on2, Germany nYZ & Germany Anyder vs Bw.Nexon and BOB.Astro
Here you can see the screenshots taken after each map:

Lappencommander & SWBF1CoLdr


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