Generation Lost 3on3 Cup for Summer 2015
Date: 21.04.2015 - 21:35
Author: Anyder

Generation Lost 3on3 Cup

The 26th of June is when the GL 3on3 Cup begins! Registration is open from from the 1st of May until the 1st of June, and afterwards 26 days which are supposed to be for practising. The cup is supposed to last 3 days which are the Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th. This tourney is much more balanced than any previous tourney, and is hosted on GameMaster instead of Tunngle or GameRanger. The cup is organised so that it follows the ESL 3on3 Rules.

To sign up a team for the cup, click on the following link: Register for the cup

The Double Elimination System has been abandoned and instead the Swiss Bracket System will be utilized, which means everyone gets to play until the tournament ends since nobody gets eliminated. See these links for a more detailed explanation:

#1 - Winner: Two-month SWBF2 Gameserver and TS3 Server.
#2 - Winner: One-month SWBF2 Gameserver and TS3 Server.

Tournament Rules
- Server is hosted using /noaim and 40FPS.
- Main Server is hosted in Germany by Anyder. No other server will be used (Cause of the SWBFII Protector)
- Number of maps won is what matters.
- Spawn protection is set to 2 seconds.
- The max. number of units will be limited to 2, eg.: 2 Engineers as max, 2 Snipers as max, ... to have some more variety.
- Droideka is disabled in all maps
- Team limit: 3 players + backup if wanted.
· No client mods allowed (SWBF Protector will be used to prevent from SIDE mods and/or reskins. Thanks to the accuracy of this tool we'll know if the player uses modmaps, in that case, the "cheat" warning will be ignored.)
- 4 rounds will be played, just like in any other funwar
- No tanks allowed
- Sky/plane maps and Polis Massa are not allowed.
- Endgame screenshots must be taken by at least one player or the match is considered void and must be replayed.
- Sniper screens are requestable at anytime (In theory crosshair is displayed in the SWBF Protector). All screenshots are mandatory.
- Teams are the ones to agree on the sides they play first
- In case of draw, an extra map is played with both sides (picked by the LoL ban map method). In case of new draw, admin will pick the last map.
- Each match will have a different password to prevent from interruptions
- Server slot timited to 7.
- If a player drops out cause of lag, he can rejoin, but match wont be restarted.
- After each map, pics are uploaded to TS3.
- Players who are unable to fight their opponent within half an hour of the scheduled round automatically forfeit the match.
- Spectators who interfere with the battles could get banned and/or disqualified.

Match Settings
- All tourney matches will be played on one weekend (starting from friday at 5pm Berlin time).
- Furthermore, if the tournament is at least 4 days long then the battles of the 4th day will be postponed to the next weekend.
- All pics taken must be uploaded once match finishes to the TS or any other website.
- Players are allowed to miss up to 2 battles total before being dropped from the tournament.
- Players who missed the registration deadline may not join the tournament.

Scheduling Battles
Players should communicate with their opponent on either TS or Xfire to work out an agreed battle (Maps which are gonna be played). Do not sign up for this tournament if you can't commit to at least two matches per day.

All participating teams will be added to a separated website the 21st of May.

             Root upgrade
Date: 28.07.2014 - 16:31
Author: Anyder


We have upgraded the root server and as a result of the OS change (Windows Server 2008 to 2012), some pages or actions might derive into blank pages with a query error.

For that reason, all news will have to be added by editing this post until this gets fixed.


             ICW4 - Week 2 Matches
Date: 21.07.2014 - 16:14
Author: Anyder

ICW4 Week 2 Matches

· BOB vs FC/UEF - Nar Shaddaa - BOB is Republic / FC/UEF is CSI - US Host - 8:00pm Berlin time
· YAK vs GRC - Platforms - YAK is Rebels / GRC is Empire - US Host - 9:00pm Berlin time
· BOB vs FC/UEF - Italia - BOB is Empire / FC/UEF is Rebels- US Host - 10:00pm Berlin time
· YAK vs FC/UEF - Jabba's Palace - YAK is Republic / FC/UEF is CSI - US Host - 11:00pm Berlin time
· YAK vs FC/UEF- Mos Eisley - YAK is Rebels / FC/UEF is Empire - US Host - 12:00am Berlin time (Saturday night)
· GRC vs BOB - Mustafar - BOB is CSI/GRC is REpublic - US Host - 1:00am Berlin time (Saturday night)
· YAK vs FC/UEF - Corus Streets - UEF/FC is Empire / YAKis Rebels- US Host - 2:00am Berlin time (Saturday night)

· YAK vs GRC - Cloudy City - GRC is Republic/GRC is CSI - US Host - 1:00am Berlin time (Sunday night)

Remember that you have to follow the rules and to use the clan tag in the server, otherwise you will get banned

Clan fights are in bold

EDIT: ALL matches won.

If you don't have the map pack or nick changer yet, head back to Week 1 news


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